Dreaming of summer, and no rain!!

Cricket and Whiskey were made for each other.

The sun beat down on the Te Atatu Peninsula Cricket Club, casting a golden glow over the green field. The sound of leather on willow filled the air as the boys chased victory, their spirits high. And at the heart of their camaraderie was a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label Whiskey.  For years, the cricket club had been a gathering place for the local lads, lasses and those in-between. They shared victories and defeats, laughter and banter, and the one constant that never wavered was the presence of that iconic whiskey bottle.

The bottle, with its distinctive red label, had become a symbol of celebration and friendship. It stood tall in the centre of their post-match rituals, its contents poured into worn-out glasses, passed around with a nod and a smile. Each sip was a toast to the game, to their shared passion, and to the bond they had formed over the years.

It was said that the whiskey had magical properties, for it brought out the best in everyone. It unleashed their inner poets, turning their banter into verses that filled the air with laughter. It transformed their stories into epic sagas, as they regaled one another with tales of near-misses and impossible catches.

On this particular day, as the boys gathered beneath the shade of the club’s veranda, the bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label Whiskey was greeted with a cheer. They had won the match, and their jubilation echoed across the field.

With glasses raised high, they toasted to their victories and to the memories they had created together. They laughed, they reminisced, and they revelled in the camaraderie that only sports and a good whiskey could foster.

As the sun began to set, casting a warm glow over the cricket club, the boys bid farewell to another day of competition and friendship. They knew that as long as they had the bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label Whiskey, their bond would remain unbreakable.

And so, with the echoes of their laughter still ringing in the air, they left the field, their spirits lifted, their hearts full, and a promise to return again, ready to create new stories with their beloved whiskey by their side.

And until the end of July 2023 you can get your bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label for $49.95 at the Fresh Brew Beer Co on Te Atatu Rd.   Cheers to summer, Cheers to Cricket and Cheers to one bloody day without rain.

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